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The Struggles of A Minimalist

Ok, so I run a minimalist lifestyle blog because I obviously advocate a minimalist lifestyle. And for the most part, I have no quarrels as to why minimalism is the right lifestyle choice. For me, anyway. But, sometimes, there are things that frustrate me a bit as a minimalist, and I thought I wanted to share some of these frustrations. For instance…

Sometimes I minimize too much

I don’t really believe in minimizing too much. Sure, I suppose it’s possible. I mean, sometimes regret is inevitable. But I’m all about letting go of regret the same way I’m all about getting rid of stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. It does however happen that I minimize something and end up looking for it some time later. Or end up thinking that would be the perfect piece of clothing to wear to this occasion. But then, I remember I minimized it some time prior.

Most times, I know I’m wrong. The minimized piece had failed me one too many times as a piece I was comfortable wearing. Still, it can be frustrating right in the moment when I miss it and realize it’s gone. Or you know, that one time where I minimized that one piece of nostalgic childhood memorabilia and held on to the wrong ones. 

Sometimes I organize too much

I like to keep the stuff I keep organized. And sometimes this involves emptying a drawer or shelf and only putting back what I find useful at the time, tucking away stuff that I don’t use as often (but still won’t rid myself of). Like that time when I cleaned out my hallway cabinet to store books for my studies. And that time when I thought the stuff I cleared out were still residing in that cabinet. Which happened this weekend.

Chris and I wanted to play some Playstation 3, and in lack of any new games we decided to dust off a few of our old favorites. So, we headed for the hallway cabinet, where we thought these games were stored. Thought being the keyword here. This cabinet contained no games. Because the cabinet had once been the subject of a big clear out. Now, all that were left were a bunch of books.

Ok, so we obviously cleared the closet to make room for my school books. But what did we do with our games? Your guess is as good as mine. I literally have no idea. Now we worry that we might have minimized them, too… Oh, bollocks!

Sometimes I still have too much stuff

Right. So, in our hallway cabinet, my books took precedence over the PS3 games, that were moved to God knows where. And still, the cabinet is bursting with stuff trying to fall out. I finished my master’s degree last year, and honestly, I am not going to read all those books again. So, they just keep residing on those cabinet shelf for no particular reason. Well, other than the fact that I have not bothered to sort them out and clear out the ones I no longer need.

Ahem…because I have just been so busy, probably? No?

My wardrobe has some of the similar problems as this hallway cabinet. Even if I keep minimizing it on a regular basis. And my kitchen cabinets. And my kitchen drawers. But, but, I promise…I’m still a minimalist!

Sometimes I suffer from shopping aversion

One thing I found after becoming a minimalist, is that shopping is hard. I guess you’d say that well, isn’t that a good thing for a minimalist, since you want less stuff? And yes, to a degree, you’re right, obviously. Not constantly craving new stuff and being a mindful consumer is one of the corner stones of minimalism, one could say.

Yet, minimalist or not, sometimes you need to replace a worn out item or shop for other items you might need. And sometimes, I end up not being able to buy anything because I’m so cautious with my purchase that I never figure out what brand or make to actually get. I want quality, after all.

So I often find myself in a discussion with myself, trying to determine what would be the best purchase quality-wise and value-wise. And who knows? Maybe I don’t really need it? Either way, shopping aversion in relation to useful items because you’re too consumer conscious can be quite tedious. Overthinking is not a forte.

And sometimes I just want all the stuff

Because, lets face it – most of us are conditioned by the consumerist society we’re a part of. And before turning to minimalism, I was always very much into stuff. I mean, the stuff. All the pretty stuff. I also kind of hated stuff. I mean, it would never really stay organized, would it? Right… But still, sometimes I find myself dreaming about pretty stuff. Some new pieces for my wardrobe. A replacement or an additional furniture. A new, entertaining gadget just because, you know, gadgets! 

This is a handful of some of my minimalist struggles. What’s yours, if you have any?

// Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash



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