The perfect ballerina flats

My go-to footwear in the summer time (well, considering that it’s warm enough, but warmth is not something we have been short of this summer, for sure!) is ballerina flats. I find that they work both for causal and more dressed up or formal outfits, and they are so easy to slip on and off. Exactly the thing I fancy in a pair of footwear for easy and hassle-free summer times.  This summer, my trusted ballerina flats had seen better days, and I was looking for a replacement. Easier said than done, it turned out.

My criteria were that they needed to be black and with a solid and comfortable sole, which I figured shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Yet, all the stores in Oslo’s city center seemed to have a different opinion on that matter. Ok, in their defense, I did have a few additional criteria; no pointed toe and not too much décor or adornments, for instance. And, they should be leather, preferably not suede, with no elevated heel. To match with the casual and comfortable aspect of my wish list, right?

And, I wanted them to be good quality. If I first were to throw out my old pair (they were beginning to fall apart, so not much choice in the matter), I wanted to make sure that they would last some seasons of full wear. Buying new all the time is not sustainable, neither for my wallet nor for the planet. My old ballerinas supported me through a plenty of kilometers long walk when the subway had broken down once upon a time, with zero sore feet, and I didn’t expect any less from a new pair, to be honest.

When I began trailing the stores for a perfect pair, all I could find were ballerina flats with pointed toes, multiple colors, too much décor, or no sole support. It turned out that my ballerina flat wish list were a little too much to ask for, after all. But I always fall into that trap when shopping; I visualize what I want, and then when heading out to look, I never find stuff that match up with the picture I made in my mind’s eye. A stressful way to shop sometimes, I tell you! Good thing I mostly shop when I need to replace something.

perfect ballerina flats close up

After a long search of looking around, I found a pair of Ecco Ballerinas on sale at the local mall. I didn’t buy them at first. I figured I should be a responsible consumer and check other options and not do anything hasty. Besides, they were on sale, and considering my general luck I was sure that my size wasn’t left in stock (I could ask, but where would the fun be in that? So, I didn’t ask). So, I trailed the big ol’ Internet – to no avail. Or, well, I ended up finding the Ecco ballerinas again, only online this time. They were the only shoes that seemed to match all my criteria, so I figured my search was over. And, lucky for me, the Ecco Store at our mall had my size in stock, so I was able to buy them in-store, 30% off ordinary price.

Finally, the perfect pair of ballerina flats found their way to my feet! What do you think? Aren’t they just perfect? Real leather, true black, comfortable sole, rounded toe (I have a thin inlay sole in mine, because it seemed the sizes run a little on the large side. It’s the brown ones you see in the pictures). They will be perfect for both dresses and jeans, casual and formal attire, I’m sure.

The Ecco brand, for me, is a brand I associate with long-lasting quality – and grownups. Haha! I remember my parents buying Ecco shoes because of their quality. And, because they were a costlier type of shoe brand, it was wiser to buy Ecco when your feet had stopped growing (i.e. when you’re grown up), because then at least you would not outgrow them long before they wore out. I do have a casual sports shoe from Ecco that I bought several years ago, and they refuse to wear out (I wanted to change them for a new style, but they’re still looking brand new), so I guess there’s something in it, no? I hope these ballerinas will follow their sports shoe cousins’ good example and last for years to come. Word to the wise, though – make sure to break them in upon wearing for longer periods of time. I forgot that, and ended up with major blisters (ouch!). Rookie mistake, but I was simply so eager to wear them! Can you blame me, though? ♥︎



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