Simple, little coconut chocolate fat bombs

You need these little treats in your life! Especially if coconut and chocolate are your thing. They’re so easy to whip up and are ready in just a few minutes in the freezer. For me, they’ve been a life saver as I’m currently on my second week of Whole 30. I know some people restrict snacking on this diet. But, with the summer weather that’s been lingering in Oslo the last couple of weeks, I’m working really hard not to eat out in restaurants any chance I get, because, let’s face it, it’s one of mine and Chris’ favorite past time activities. It is one of the reasons why we love city living so much and like to stay in this tiny apartment for the foreseeable future.

So, yes, snacking a bit to keep my sanity is a part of my self care for now. Which might sound counter intuitive as I’m also planning a post about compulsive snacking habits and the similarities to compulsive shopping. But, I guess, when you are mindful about your snacking, that’s the opposite of compulsive. Creating my own, healthy snacks fit the bill just right.

Anyway, I’m getting a head of myself. You’re probably here for the recipe, so let’s get on with that, shall we? With only four ingredients, the simplicity of this snack is why I felt like I had to share this with you. They’re also gut friendly, raw and low carb. What’s not to love?

Coconut Chocolate Fat Bombs

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon raw cocoa powder
  • Shredded coconut (add as much as you want, depending on how coconut-y you want it. Just make sure its still semi pourable.)
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey

Mix everything in a bowl. If you struggle to mix the honey into the blend, you can gently heat the mixture over a warm water bath to ease the blending process. When blended, pour into silicone molds* and put in freezer. I use one with heart shaped molds.

*If you don’t have a silicone mold, you can pad a deep plate with baking paper and pour the mixture in there. Once it has solidified, you can cut it into squares. Works just as well!

Leave it a couple of minutes to half an hour in the freezer. Brew up your favorite coffee, pop a few coconut chocolate fat bombs out of the molds and enjoy! ♥︎

What’s your favorite, quick to whip up, snack?



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