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On my radar: Three Norwegian brands

In the pursuit of a simpler lifestyle, with less environmental impact, I’m always on the lookout for sustainable indie brands. It’s been harder to localize these kind of brands in my own country, Norway. So one day I sat down to try and find a couple of local brands that fit my criteria.

I found three.

The main reason for me to track down a few Norwegian brands that focus on sustainable, ethical production within our country, is the idea of shopping locally. The shorter the products have traveled, the less impact they’ve made on the environment. 

The biggest hurdle, I find, is that it seems to be much easier to bump into sustainable, ethical brands from say, America or England, than it is to find similar Norwegian brands. A shame, really. Perhaps this is because this trend has been more manifestet abroad? I don’t know.

Either way, here are three Norwegian brands on my radar right now:


Neven is a small skincare business from my hometown Oslo, Norway, that develops high quality products that are both natural and vegan. They handcraft their products with special care, from carefully chosen ingredients. They focus on the benefits and therapeutic qualities of essential oils, and create shampoos, soaps, balms and oils that stimulates the senses.

The team of Neven also believes that less is more in terms of skincare production, and their products contain only what is needed and nothing more, free from harmful components. Perfect match for any minimalist, I’d say.

RÅ Organic Skincare

Rå Organic Skincare is a Norwegian skincare line that focuses on creating products that are clean and natural and of high quality. Their product ingredients are handpicked, and as such their products contain only safe ingredients that are said to suit even the most sensitive skin types.

Having a sensitive skin type myself, that is prone to dryness and itching during winter, I am particularly interested in checking out their FAVN series for hyper-sensitive skin. I love the name ‘Favn’. It’s Norwegian for ’embrace’, which is quite suiting for a hyper-sensitive skin care line, don’t you think? ♥︎

Rå produces organic products for body, face and hair. And if you have little ones in the house, RÅ has their own line of products for babies.


Nūdus is a Ålesund based company that makes hand poured soy wax candles, made from 100% soy. They produce their candles onsite, and their products are completely vegan and paraben free. In each step of their product cycle, they focus on sustainability and the use of recycled materials.

Their online shop consists of a diverse selection of luxurious and indulgent fragrances, like Pomegranate Lily and Leather, Bergamot Orange Ceder, and Plum Rose Patchouli, to name a few.

I suppose a couple of products from each of these brands might just find their way to my mailbox soon. Because what’s a good excuse for a little indulging in terms of self care, if not the cold and dreary winter season?



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