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On my radar: 3 sustainable brands

After adapting a minimalist lifestyle, I have strived to curate a decent capsule wardrobe. Many of you are probably familiar with this concept of capsule wardrobes. If you’re not, a capsule wardrobe is basically a wardrobe consisting of staple clothing such as a fair share of basics and other garment pieces that can be mixed and matched endlessly. A capsule wardrobe, at least in a minimalist sense, is often defined as a wardrobe that focuses on quality over quantity and should consist only of clothes that you  love to wear.

For me, quality goes hand in hand with sustainability and ethical production. Having a well curated wardrobe, with fewer but thoroughly considered quality pieces is a goal for me that comply with my direction towards a more mindful consumerism. I’m still in the business of finding my “essential” wardrobe, as it were, and as such I am always on the lookout for new quality pieces to add to my wardrobe. Looking for quality, these purchases are often on the more expensive end of the scale, and as such I carefully do my research and save up before buying.

Right now, I have three different brands on my radar that seem to qualify in terms of sustainability, quality and ethics:


I have been paying close attention to Linenfox for a while now, and I am quite smitten with the looks of their linen clothing. Linenfox is a Lithuanian business creating clothing garments and other garments for the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom in durable linen fabrics. They produce their garments locally, and focuses on “quality, sustainability and earth friendly product made with love.


This summer has been so warm that I have been daydreaming about airy linen clothing. I haven’t gotten around to buying from Linenfox yet, but I’m constantly popping by Linenfox’ shop to drool over their dreamy garments. I’m especially infatuated by the Mimosa dress and the Kimono top, but any and all would fit nicely in my wardrobe (if you’re looking to buy me a Christmas present, take note…). 

Organic Basics

If there’s one staple item in my closet, it’s my black cotton t-shirts. I’m rather picky when it comes to t-shirts, actually, and I struggle to buy new ones because I don’t want to end up buying new shirts and not be happy with them. So, in the creation and slow but steady building of my capsule wardrobe, t-shirts are still an issue. And I want to swap out my H&M ones, which have too wide a neckline and feels too clingy around my torso.


I’ve been noticing Organic Basics for some time, and I think that maybe they should be my next go-to in terms of testing out both new t-shirts and undies. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Organic Basics advocates the creation of sustainable, durable basics where fair production in terms of ethics and environment is a priority. That they’re Nordic is of course an added bonus!


Everlane is the newest ethical brand on my radar, having just picked up on them on Instagram. Next to my black cotton t-shirts, jeans are a given staple in my wardrobe. I like to vary between both black and blue, but I must admit black is my favorite and thus my black pair of jeans are the ones that I wear the most.


I thought I had found my favorite jeans brand in Nudie jeans, which also is a sustainable brand that offers free repairs and quality jeans. But, as it turns out, I can’t get my Nudies to stop bleeding (I’ve used salt and vinegar and all the tricks in the book to no avail), even after a couple of years in use. Hence, wearing them keeps resulting in gray and blue hands, which aren’t all that practical, if you ask me. Thus, I am on the lookout for a new brand of jeans.

US based Everlane, which in addition to jeans also offers tops, dresses, shoes and accessories, is one of the brands I’m looking at for my next jeans purchase. They seemingly fit the bill on the sustainable, ethical and durable aspect, and the Mid-Rise Skinny Jean seem to check most of my jeans criteria in terms of style, color range and fit.

What sustainable brands are on your radar lately?



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