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New Hang-Up: Bulletproof Mocha

Sometimes, I just want a chocolate and coffee fix without the guilt. I say ‘guilt’, not because you should ever feel guilty for eating chocolate or anything else for that matter, but because sometimes I don’t fare so well with chocolate bars (even if low on sugar, high on cocoa are my choc of choice) because of my LPR.

And, given the chocoholic I am, I can never seem to stop at just the two recommended squares a day, like normal* people.

(*I put an asterisk here, because what normal people ever stopped at two squares of chocolate, amirite?)

Hence, my guilt comes more from a place of failing to do right by my body more than anything else. I would have no quarrels as to eat a small (albeit healthy-ish) chocolate bar any day of the week, if I could ‘stomach it’, as it were.

I’m also in the process of healing a flare, and I find that my regular oat milk latte can come to be too much for a sore throat. Caffein withdrawals, however, was never a good thing in terms of healing. And while chocolate withdrawals are not as intense or inflicting, I tend to fare much better if I can soothe my chocolate cravings.

A cup of bulletproof mocha, on the other hand, seems to be just what I need in order to curb my sweet tooth, reduce my caffeine withdrawals and keep my achy throat at bay. It is also quite satiating and gives you that extra energy to avoid the typical afternoon dump.

I keep mine simple, using the ingredients I have at hand:

Bulletproof Mocha | Simplisticly So

1 cup of Bulletproof Mocha – recipe

2 tsp instant* coffee
1 tsp cocoa powder
2 dl hot water
1 tbsp coconut oil (I use the neutral tasting one)
1 tbsp sweetener of choice (optional) (I use Sukrin gold)

Boil water. Put instant coffee and cocoa powder in a bowl, add water, coconut oil and sweetener. Blend with handheld blender. Pour into cup. Enjoy!

Bulletproof coffee is often used to replace a meal. If that’s the case for you, you should think to add more fats, in the form of butter or ghee. I find that my recipe is a good snack-restraining beverage (especially good now in these home-office days, where the walk to the fridge is ridiculously short), but for a complete meal replacement you should pack the extra calories and add the butter. Preferably grass-fed.

*I use instant coffee to keep it simple. You can of course use whatever coffee you fancy.

Here are some additional Bulletproof recipes, to tickle your tastebuds:

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// Photo credits: © Olepeshkina / Adobe Stock



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