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My new bumbag, and why I love it a little bit more

Ok, so, I was noticing a new trend these last months. This trend where people have begun to wear their cross-over bags and purses much higher than on their hip, which is what I’m used to. And to be honest, I thought it looked immensely weird. Chris told me that this was the latest in high fashion. He could assure me this as he frequently reads websites like Hypebeast.com. I was like: “Umm…OK?”

Eventually, I saw that people also used bumbags (or fanny packs) this way. And being exposed to it almost daily for a while, I realized that such a small bumbag worn across my torso would come in pretty handy. Especially for the times where I’m using my backpack and don’t have a jacket with pockets on me. For summer and spring, for example, where such attires are worn more frequently.

A change of heart

When I saw the practicality of such a bag, it didn’t take long before I figured it was something I could fancy for myself. I do have a bigger cross-over bag, but this bag takes much more stuff than just a phone, ID, cards and keys. And that’s just not practical to wear with a backpack. Or I guess, you could, but then you’d look like a carrying mule, which is not quite the look I try to achieve most days, I must say.

So, this is how I came to purchase this cute little bumbag from Spikes & Sparrow. When trailing the stores to find a bumbag, I saw different kinds and different brands. But, when I stumbled over this one, which is from S&S, a brand I’m already fond of (the cross-over bag I mentioned earlier are an S&S bag), it was a no-brained.

Spikes & Sparrow Bumbag | Simplisticly So

A mindful decision

Ok, that is technically a little white lie – I actually put it down and left it the first time I saw it. Because, you know, as a proclaimed minimalist, I don’t like to rush my purchases. And, I thought it may be a tad too big and bulky for my liking. So Chris and I went to grab a coffee, and I let the S&S bumbag be a bumbag for awhile. But then, when it was time to leave the mall, I paused in front of the shop again. It was made by my beloved Spikes & Sparrow after all, and I was afraid that if I didn’t decide now, it would be gone and I’d regret it. So, I went in and got it.

I put it to use immediately, as my other Spikes & Sparrow bag needed a bit TLC from a repair shop to fix a broken magnet. It was a perfect fit for all my essentials. And you know what I found when I put my pickup-receipt from the repair shop in the back pocket of the bumbag? A neatly folded shopping bag! I mean – just when I thought this bumbag couldn’t be better, Spikes & Sparrow even thought of the times when you need a little bit more space to carry your stuff around… with the addition of a complimentary tote! This tote also comes in handy when you’re out shopping and want to avoid the buying of a plastic bag. A win-win, as it were, both for the environment and for carrying purposes. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting your reusable tote again, if you always tuck it back into its place when done.

And that’s why I love my Spikes & Sparrow bumbag a little bitt more. ♥︎



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