#MondayMusings: Enter Autumn

It’s Monday today, and it’s the day I am finally starting to launch Simplisticly So in all Social Media channels (wish me luck, guys!). Therefore, I thought it would be a good day to start my #MondayMusings-series. In this series, I doodle a little loosely on the upcoming week or the week that just passed. Or, well, something else that’s on my mind, frankly speaking.

For me, I kind of felt that August just started, but as it turns out the calendar  already went along and marked “20th of August”. With a bang, we’re already entering the latter part of August, and as the radio informed me this morning; all the school kids are now back from summer break. And September is soon upon us. Dare I mention the fast approaching C-word? (Christmas) No? Too soon? Never mind, let’s move it along, shall we? (Let me just casually mention here that I do have some cool content for that season already lined up….) Where were we? Yes, August is coming to an end and we are looking at summer in the rear-view mirrors.

As summer came with a bang, so did autumn…

Just a couple of weeks ago we were faced with what seemed like a never-ending summer. But suddenly, Autumn hit as quick as Summer had done this spring, and the temperature dropped by 15 degrees celsius. “Bye bye, summer”, I guess. See you next year? It sits deep to admit that after such a summer of pressuring heat that Autumn and cooler weather is very welcome. After all, it’s not each year that we’re faced with such a warm summer. And I had really been accustomed to the thought of going to the beach in Oslo to cool off, and that’s something I’m mostly reserving to more southern travel activities.

But I think I speak both for nature and myself that cooler weather and rain is something we both could use a few decent servings of these next weeks. While nice weather is one thing, draught is another, and it’s certainly taking its toll on life stock, produce and people alike. Even if I could have done with a few more stretches on the beach, as it were. Or, what I really do when on the beach, splash around in the sea. Tanning isn’t quite my forte, given my ginger-ish appearance and pale, pale skin. But me and the sea, though? Best. Palls!

New beginnings and cross roads…

This week I’ll be busy producing content and spread the word of this blog. After completing my Master’s thesis in January, I have kind of been holding my breath. Or that’s what it feels like I have been doing, anyway. I’ve been wondering where my path goes from here. This summer has been extraordinary in terms of growth in many aspects, with my trip to Tanzania, amongst other things, and a few other exciting projects for my graphic design business. Yet, most of this year has felt like a cross road of sorts, and instead of reducing the number of paths to take, my cross road seem to expand in both size and possible directions. So that breath-holding activity? Seems like I’ll be bound to keep at it some more.

This blog launch is something I have to want to prioritize, though, not matter the direction I end up taking. Because if it is one thing I know, it is that I want to contribute to the movement of simple living and take a stance against mindless consumerism. And by writing this blog, I hope to do exactly that. It is my firm belief that if this Earth shall remain livable for the foreseeable future, we all have to do our part. And, for real, if I think I have it in me to start a viable blog, the only way to find out is to give it a shot, wouldn’t you say?

Ok, I promised you that the #MondayMusings series would consist of some word-y doodling, did I not? Er…I guess I could have warned some more about pointless rambling, as well… Anyway – Monday is soon to be over, and I’m off to watch some more Requiem on Netflix. My latest series hang-up. It has that eerie, small village kind of mystery vibe to it, and I’m such a sucker for that type of thing. If you’re into eerie, haunted-house type of horrors that gives you the chills too, I’d definitely recommend it.

How was your Monday? Are you ready for Autumn?



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