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July has been a stressful month in many aspects. Although I have been enjoying the summer month by swimming in the sea, meeting up with friends, and dining out with Chris, a family situation has overshadowed a good deal of it. The beginning of August has had me contemplating how love has gotten me through it all. Love shared between me and Chris, between me and my dad, and between me and my friends.

Yesterday, Chris and I watched the finale of The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 (OMG! Bring me season 3 asap!) and a craving for something sweet started to grab a hold of a certain someone even if we’ve been meaning to cut back on excessive snacking. So, I offered to whip up some low carb chocolate peanut butter cookies, and the moment was saved. Anything for your loved one, right?

(and who am I kidding. I was craving those cookies just as much myself…ahem…)

Below follow a few lines of my contemplating what love is and how it shows in everyday life, inspired by the monthly poems of Erin Boyle.

What is love to you?

Cookies and Milk

Love is…

♥︎ Chocolate craving turning into instant cookie making

♥︎ Mid-day family crisis resulting in closing up work and hastily running off to help

♥︎ Extra heart emojis in every message just because

♥︎ Butterflies in stomach before each daily reunion

♥︎ Washing machines running before the missing of clean clothes

♥︎ Calling everyday just to check in

♥︎ Warm hugs

♥︎ Offering a shoulder to cry on when everything seems too much to bare

♥︎ Meeting up for lunch

♥︎ Repeating of the words “I love you” because of bursting emotions needing the escape

♥︎ Tender strokes and soft kisses on bare skin when passing in the hall


And, if you want to whip up some cookies for a loved one or yourself, here’s the recipe.
(I added cocoa powder to make chocolate PB cookies)



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