Life lately: New habits, busyness and time to unwind

I forget sometimes, that a blog isn’t merely a collection of articles I write and that it occasionally should include a bit of insight into the author’s, or rather my, life. Because where do you even draw that infamous line between personal and private, and when do sharing become oversharing?

The most interesting blogs I read are blogs where the bloggers share, of theirselves, and of their lives. And because of that, I think this blog that I write here at Simplisticly So should take note. Life will not end by me sharing some stuff on the internet, after all. Or else, it would have been pretty self destructive of me to start a blog in the first place, wouldn’t it?

Life lately

So, with that rambling out of the way: how has life been lately? It has been busy. And it hasn’t been busy. Does that make sense? Probably not. Sometimes, though, I feel as though life is busy and not busy all at the same time. The busyness is mostly in my head at times, and then I tend to isolate myself inside my busyness rather than going outside and meeting people. Because I know all too well that I am a home-loving introvert, and when I’m busy in my head I think that I should stay home and recuperate.

But, that’s not really true. While I am in fact an introvert, I am a rather social one, at that. And staying inside cooped up in my own busyness drains me rather than fuels me, as it were. Who would have thought? So, if you read this and you know me, please, take me out for a coffee, no?

So, how exactly has life been busy?

Well, since my mom’s hospital admittance this summer, life has been lots of worrying and lots of traveling to and from and visiting her. Now, as her situation is looking up, however, the worrying is thankfully a little less than they used to be. When she first is out of her house, though, some long needed refurbishing is taking place in her home. Which means some new flooring here, and a bit of new paint there. And in turn, that means a whole lot of adulting, joggling of carpenters and the likes, which can take a toll on anyone. In particular, it takes a toll on me, the over-thinker. Because that’s one thing I’m extremely good at, overthinking. And overdoing?

Overthinking and overdoing

Last weekend, Chris and I began painting. Or rather, prepping the walls for paint which, as it turns out, is even heavier than plain painting. So we began painting the walls with some white, tedious grounding paint to prep them for the actual paint. And went on it with eager and excitement! Because, woohoo, new and pretty walls, here we come!

Some of us with too much excitement, apparently. The painting was heavy, and rather than letting my brush and roll do the heavy work, I used all the muscle force I had to try and make the grounding paint reach as far as it could. In hindsight, I can see how that wasn’t what you’d call entirely clever. I ended up spending all Sunday complaining to Chris about the pain in my arms, and was terrified that I might not be up for my guitar lesson the following day. So, I spent the day taking muscle relaxers and rubbing my arms with pain relief cream, because that’s how annoying this was.

During the day, my arms got a bit better. All overconfident, I stupidly played out a few hardcore rehearsal rounds on my guitar that evening. Because, well, if you want to be a guitar player, you better get your rehearsal hat on, don’t you? And bang, the pain was back. With a vengeance. More pills and more rubbing.

So I got an inkling…

I don’t know exactly why, but the super annoying aching in my arms made me think of my Shakti mat. Maybe you remember the popular Shakti mat from around ten years ago? Either way, it’s an acupressure mat covered in little plastic spikes, and should supposedly be good for all sorts of bodily discomforts.

If the Shakti mat works or not is not something I’ll be weighing particularly much in on. But, I remember from experience that a relaxing twenty minutes on my mat feels good on a stressed body, so I pulled it out from my storage chest.

Chris and I spent ten minutes on each our mat before bed, and twenty minutes the following day. I could swear I slept better that night and woke up more rested than I have done in quite a while. And the pain in my arms disappeared. A coincidence or not, some time on my mat can’t hurt, I figure, so I’ll try to make a habit of taking some downtime on my mat before turning in at night.

The same Sunday that I brought out my Shakti mat, I also finally got around to boil some chicken broth. Therefore, I think I will take with me two new habits from this weekend: I’ll make a habit of scheduling in some downtime on my mat and the consuming of  a cup of warm, nourishing broth before bed.

Because taking the time to unwind never hurts, right?

And I hope the refurbishing stuff gets resolved soon, so that I can go ahead and leave this overly busy feeling in my mind. I mean, my body is not that busy lately. I just sit at my desk writing this blog and trying to promote the heck out of it (and visit my mom and refurbish her house, but still). But, most of that activity takes place in my head, on my screen and through my fingers. Now, I want to take some time to live, to spend time with all my lovely people, and experience things. Because, no matter how much of an introvert I might be, I just want to be where the life happens, and I want the life to happen to me.

And I guess, when I’m not, that’s when my life feels both busy and not busy at all.



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