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Dreaming of: Living room updates

Ever since my last post about us deciding to stay in our cozy city apt for the foreseeable future, we’ve been dreaming of a few living room updates. One of the decisions we made when deciding to stay, was to make the most of the apartment we’ve got. After all, we don’t really need a bigger space, just smarter solutions.

Before Christmas, we finally got around to updating our living room with a dining table and a dining sofa and a couple of new chairs. This finally allowed us check a major update off of our wish list. Now, being so pleased with our new dining area, we’re looking to update our sofa and TV-nook. Well, not so much a nook, seeing as our living room is basically one large square, but still.

Our leather sofa from 2008 are beginning to look fairly shabby, mostly due to our snuggle bun, Kira and her sharp, little teeth. A part of me is suggesting that it would be more reasonable to keep our old sofa, both financially and sustainably. But, truth be told, black duct tape can only do so much. And besides, I’d rather suffer the expense of a new sofa than Kira and Petrus ending up with duct tape infested teeth and bellies. So, there’s that…

Anyway, on my ‘living room update’ wish list I have:

  • A new sofa
    – currently eyeing the IKEA RINGSTORP in grey.
  • A new “extra seating”
    – such as this IKEA VALLENTUNA module, to be placed next to the sofa and also movable for occasions that calls for other seating arrangements
  • A new, preferably wall-mounted, TV bench – because now we only have a provisional arrangement for our Playstation 4 and our Apple TV.
  • A couple of new shelves

I am going back and forth between wanting a 3-seater sofa with the extra VALLENTUNA module or a 4-seater sofa with a chaise lounge and no extra movable seating. Part of me wants a corner sofa, but the reasonable side of me says that it would take up too much space. Our living room isn’t that big, after all.

What do you think? If you live in a tiny apt with a small living room to boot, yourself, what kind of seating arrangements did you choose for optimal space and comfort? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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