C’mon in – I made cake!

I have been thinking about starting a blog since forever. And because I have finally settled for a domain name and I am actually taking the plunge to give this thing a shot, I thought it was fitting to whip up a cake to celebrate. To serve as an ice breaker, as it were. Because nothing says, “Welcome to the world, blog!” and “Welcome, my dear readers!” quite like cake, am I right?

The cake. A chocolat-y one. With a soft center. A brownie, if you will. But it’s appearance might fool you at first. Behind the alluring, tasteful appearance, it is hiding a gut friendly cake with no sugar. Yes, yes, I know. Nothing screams “party killer” quite like sugar-free cake on my opening night.

This blog isn’t a health or keto blog either, but since I am ditching sugar, grains and carbs in an attempt to heal my esophagus and LPR (Laryngopharyngeal reflux) stemming from gut issues, the food I do post about here will be mostly low carb, sugar-free stuff. It tastes heavenly, though, I promise (the cake, that is, not the blog)! And the good thing about all of it is that we can (almost) eat the whole thing in one sitting, and not feel the burning guilt creeping upon us afterwards. Win-win scenario, probably, even if you might have been dreaming about a good ol’ sugar rush.

Ok. Now you laid eyes on some cake, and, if you’re still reading, you’re probably guessing this might be a cake blog, considering just how many times I have managed to use this particular ‘c’ word in the short duration of this post. I ensure you, it’s not. But don’t worry! I’ll invite for cake and other treats on other occasions too – I promise (and, yes, if you want to make it yourself, I used this recipe, only subbing the maple syrup with sukrin gold and yacon syrup).

Simplisticly So (which I by accident almost wanted to call SuspiciouslySo while writing just now…hah! So suspicious…?), is a lifestyle blog focusing on the enjoyment of the little things in life, and the pursuing of a simpler life and living large with less excess. It is also a personal blog, and that means I will write bits and pieces of most of the things that interests me and are part of my life, including yet not limited to, minimalism and the pursuit of a simple life, how-to’s and tips and tricks, fashion, everyday life, relationships… You name it, I’ll probably write about it. All from a simple living point of view.



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