A Two-letter Word for 2019

I was scrolling through Facebook when one of the groups I’m a member of asked “Instead of New Year’s resolutions, what’s your one word for 2019?”. It made me pause in my tracks. Did I have such a word? A word that I would take with me into 2019, that could lead the way for what life I’d wish to lead these following twelve months?

At first, I thought “no”. 2018 had been a tough year in many aspects (and a good year in many others, don’t get me wrong), and I wasn’t sure what to bring into this new year. At all.

I wanted a word that inhabited much, but not one that demanded too much, if that makes sense. The question itself kind of gives off the vibe that you should pick a word rather than a resolution specifically to avoid the demands of pressing and high hanging resolutions, after all.

Yet, it occurred to me that words, like resolutions, can be equally loaded and full of pressure to excel, achieve and accomplish. What I want for 2019 is to breathe. To pause. To move forward. To enjoy the ride. To keep afloat. To stay alive. 

So, what’s the word that eventually surfaced?


No more. No less. Simply be.

I won’t go into detail on all the latent meanings of this word for you. Because it could differ for each of us, couldn’t it? For me, though, the word ‘be’ couldn’t be more fitting for the year I envision and the things I want to prioritize. With the word ‘be’, not by any means do I mean ‘doing nothing’, though, because as you might remember, that wasn’t the best of ideas

On this note, there won’t be any New year’s resolutions coming from me this year. Although I’ll eagerly fill my wish list with new experiences. They’re just not resolutions, that’s all. 

Maybe I can inspire you to pick a word of 2019 for yourself? What word would you choose?

Best wishes for a happy new year ♥︎

// Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash



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