Fashion Favorites for Fall: Wool Coat, Knitted sweater, Leather boots, Slouchy beanie, Scarf

5 fashion favorites for fall

Ok, so this was a post that just needed to be written! I mean, what an alliteration! When you’re a word geek, like me, such things have a tendency of sparkling some internal joy. If you’re not, I’m sorry for straying off subject (but, c’mon, five f’s in a five word sentence, it’s kinda like a strike, don’t you think?!). Uh…anyway, let’s move on to the subject at hand; fashion favorites for fall.

After the warmest summer in years (actually, I can’t remember such a summer, ever, so the warmest in my lifetime, I reckon), fall is finally at our doorsteps.  Even if the temperatures are still switching between 8 and 20 degrees outside here in Oslo, and the leaves are still clinging to their green colors, the need to cover up in warmer attire is becoming more frequent. I thoroughly dislike freezing (ok, I guess most people don’t particularly like freezing, but you know…), thus dressing appropriately for the colder seasons is an important part of my ability to thrive in this cold country up north.

Therefore, my five fashion favorites for fall include:

Fashion Favorites for Fall: Wool Coat, Knitted sweater, Leather boots, Slouchy beanie, Scarf

1. The leather boot

When it comes to leather boots, my heart belongs to the beloved brand of Dr. Martens. Currently, I have one pair of Dr. Martens 2975 Chelsea Boots and one pair of Dr. Martens 1460 Mono that I absolutely love! They do take a while to break in, and I’m still in the break in process with mine. This doesn’t stop me from dreaming of adding a pair of Oxfords or winter boots to my collection. Sturdy socks does help with the break-in process and overall boot comfort. Especially these, from Stance. The leather boot is versatile and elegant, and works in any kind of weather, which is why I reckon it as the classic staple in my autumn wardrobe.

2. The chunky sweater

As far as autumn wardrobes go, the chunky, knitted sweater is another go-to staple. This one in grey mohair from H&M’s premium quality collection, for example. Even if I try my best to keep a modest wardrobe, it’s kind of a struggle to avoid adding a couple of new knits to my wardrobe each fall. I mean, they come in so many different colors and fits, don’t they? And popping them on top of a thin long sleeve in wool, makes for the best insulation in cool weather. Underneath what brings me to the next of my fashion favorites for fall:

3. The wool coat

Come fall or winter, I never last long without my trusted wool coat. This fall, I recently invested in a new long coat from Monki, which I reckon will keep me warm in the cool winter months. This long, black wool coat is replacing a blue coat I’ve had, which has seen better days. I searched high and low in search of a decent black coat, and settled for this one from Monki. The reason I landed on this, was the fit. I tried a couple of others, but their shoulders were too broad. This one from Monki had a cropped shoulder fit, and I finally made the jump to try out a (almost) foot-long coat. Being only 156 cm, I’ve always thought long coats was a no-go for me, but this one proved me wrong, and I can’t wait to make the most of it this fall and winter season.

4. The cosy scarf

I admit it, I am a scarf-oholic! If it’s one thing I can’t seem to get enough of, it’s scarves, and they are centerpieces in my wardrobe almost every season. This might have something to do with the fact that I easily catch colds. So, I try my best to cover up my neck in poor weather, no matter if it summer or winter. This way, I mostly stay clear of colds. I mean, sometimes it’s so bad that I can just think the thought of leaving my scarf at home, and I’ll start to feel my throat scratching up… Hence, scarves tend to come with me as soon as the degrees drop below 20 degrees celsius…

Of course, it helps that scarves make good accessories, and can liven up any outfit. I used to be a colorful scarves kind of girl, but lately I have been leaning towards a more neutral color scheme of black and grey. This one, in particular. I do, however, think that I may invest in a scarf in a solid contrast color this season, for example deep red or yellow, just to mix it up a bit.

5. The slouchy, knitted beanie

Ok, so I was wondering whether to add the black jeans or the knitted beanie as my fifth fashion favorite for fall. But, then I figured, the black jeans is a staple the entire year, not just fall season. So, I went with the black beanie. Last winter, I finally found the perfect knitted beanie. It may be my teen idol Ville Valo from HIM’s doing, my love for black, slouchy knitted beanies, and now I finally have a proper one myself. It keeps me warm and stylish, all at the same time. What’s not to love?

What about you? What’s your favorite fashion staples for fall? Do they match any of mine?




  • Ingrid Opstad

    Great post – my fashion staples for autumn is pretty much the same 🙂 It is the best season to dress for in my mind… time to embrace all the cozy outfits 😉

    Ingrid |

    • Anita Hvambsahl

      Thanks! Yes, it’s the best season, isn’t it? And probably the best season for all things hygge, though! 😀

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