10 Ways to Achieve the Summer Holiday Spirit When Stuck at Work

1. Create a good morning routine

I’m an advocate for a good morning routine at any time of the year. But, creating a calm and quiet morning routine in the summer months where the office is quiet can make all the difference to create a holiday vibe. Yes, even when you’re commuting to work every day.

2. Appreciate the quiet in the office

Other times a year, the office might feel like a living, breathing ant colony. While you might enjoy the hectic work space, take these summer months and really appreciate the breathing room they offer. The quiet might even give you that little holiday feeling, even if you’re stuck at work.

3. Do the stuff you can’t normally prioritize at work

In a busy work-week (and the months and years), there’s always things that fall to the bottom of our “to-do”-lists. The silent summer months are perfect for making time for all of the stuff that never gets prioritized. Make a list of ignored work tasks. Begin with the least effort ones and check them off as you go along, one by one. It’ll feel good, I promise!

4. Indulge a little

Both outside the office and at the office, summer is a time for indulging. Bring your favorite snack to work, take yourself, your friends and your spouse out for dinner in the late summer evening, splurge on a new summer dress, go to the beach. Do whatever. Just do something that gives you that summer holiday vibe, even when work is present and days off are not.

5. Stop for coffee

Because, you know, C-O-F-F-E-E! ♥︎ This summer, I made sure to enjoy both my in-office coffee breaks and after work coffee breaks. It’s simply just one of those things that makes life a shade or two brighter. Especially the after work and weekend ones, where you’ll visit your favorite coffee shop and do some good ol’ people watching.

6. Put on a podcast

Is the silence at the office ear deafening? While I often find silence to be a blessing, I can’t deny the fact that sometimes the silence feels more crippling than helpful. At least when my brain’s default setting is “summer break”, and that’s not really matching with the reality when my vacation week is some time in late September. Use this time to catch up with your favorite podcasts or find yourself a new favorite.

7. Make lunch a highlight in your day

Prepare an extra special lunch for yourself, because you know, it’s summer after all. Maybe you could go a little out of your way and prep some of your favorite lunch meals? It’s summer, after all, so why not enjoy it.

Pinnable image showing a desk with a MacBook Pro and pineapples

8. Binge-watch a couple of Netflix shows

Not during the work-day, preferably. But slouching down in the sofa and binge-watching a couple of addictive TV-series on Netflix definitely put me in vacation mode. This summer, I’ve already devoured the latest season of Stranger Things, the new series Dead to Me, and the first Swedish Netflix original, Quicksand.

9. Read books

For me, holidays means time for the devouring of books. In a hectic work week, reading books falls to the bottom of my list of priorities. Taking the time to get some reading done, especially a good novel, gives me the holiday spirit, no question.

10. Use this time to refocus

In the hectic everyday life at work, it’s easy to lose focus and feel overwhelmed. The quiet summer time in the office is the perfect occasion for refocusing, both on a personal and a professional level. For my personal refocusing, I have been establishing a good work-our routine, and for my professional refocusing I’ve made plans for the next semester and also splurged on a new, personal planner.

// Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash



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