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10 benefits of a minimalist lifestyle

Hi guys, how are you doing? Today, I thought I would share with you  a few of the benefits I’ve noticed after implementing a minimalist lifestyle. The reason for this post is that when my friends caught on to my shift towards minimalism, one of the most frequent questions was: “Why minimalism?”

Minimalists aren’t a monogamous group. In fact, each of us probably have different reasons for pursuing minimalism. I mean, it’s not like I follow every minimalist “rule” out there… Still, by presenting ten of the benefits a minimalist lifestyle has given me, I hope to bring you a little bit closer to the answer of this question “why”.

1. You gain more time

When you have less stuff, you use less time cleaning, decluttering and organize. This, in turn, frees up time for other more enjoyable things.

2. You find your stuff easier

Nothing’s more frustrating than needing an item for a task, and then end up searching for it forever, going through every drawer and closet you own before hopefully finding it, or not. Right? The less stuff you own, you have a better overview of your belongings and their storage, and therefore can avoid such annoying situations.

3. Your home feels bigger

Living only with the stuff you need and love, your home (regardless of square footage) ends up feeling less cramped and more spacious. A game changer for us, I must say, with our 581 sq ft apartment housing two adults and two free-range bunnies.

4. Your stress levels decrease

It’s scientifically proven that clutter increases stress and anxiety. Decluttering your home and minimizing your belongings thus help decreasing your stress levels and thus make your life more zen, as it were.

5. Your home is naturally tidier

Ok, you still need to put your stuff away when you’re done using it. But, less belongings overall makes it easier to keep a clean, tidy home. All your stuff have their designated place that doesn’t always fill up with useless clutter, and thus tidying becomes almost second nature. It makes all the difference for me, at least, the fact that there’s actually room in my drawers and closets to put my things away again after use.

6. You shopaholic tendencies are curbed

When you have changed your mindset to that of a minimalist one, you quickly notice a change in your shopaholic tendencies and a general change in your consumerist habits. Buying on impulse becomes less common for you, and you’ll stop buying stuff “just because it’s on sale and you deserve it.”  I mean, I can’t believe I used to buy three to four new t-shirts each month “just because” and kept buying new hangers to make room for them…ahem… And when I shop now, I try to live by the “one in, one out” rule.

7. You save money

Needless to say, when you curb your shopaholic tendencies you will end up saving some money. This frees up money for other things, such as for savings, travel, dining out or other un-materialistic experiences. Many minimalists also consider saving up money to retire early. There’s more to life than work and mortgages, right?

8. You reduce decision fatigue

Having less stuff, especially in terms of (but not limited to) clothing, reduces decision fatigue. A great deal of our everyday life consists of making choices. Limiting our wardrobe to a capsule wardrobe, for instance, makes for an easier morning routine when you reduce the number of outfit options. Take Obama’s two color suits, for example. Or Zuckerberg’s grey t-shirts. They know that when they reduce their clothing options, they free up their decision-making capacity for more pressing concerns than clothing. Limiting your choices on trivial matters such as what to wear and what to eat helps increasing your productivity where it counts.

9. You get to use your favorite things all the time

Owning only the stuff you need and love, you stop wasting your time on meaningless clutter. And, you get to use your favorite stuff every day. Life is too short to save your favorite shoes, your favorite shirt or china for special occasions, don’t you agree? A minimalist lifestyle encourages you to celebrate every day for the gift that it is, filled with experiences spent dressed in your favorite clothes.

10. Your priorities change (for the better)

Leading a minimalist lifestyle, you realize that all this striving towards materialistic riches are not as important as society lead us to believe. What matters are personal relationships with friends and family, good experiences, good health and a roof over your head. The rest is just a bonus. Clutter and too much stuff will never make you happy. And, a more sensible approach to consumerism is also beneficial in terms of leading a more sustainable, eco-friendlier life.

What do you think?



what do you think?

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